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Oracles: Connecting Real Data To The Blockchain World

Oracles: Connecting Real Data To The Blockchain World

In a time when both the Blockchain industry and the DeFi industry are watching the world’s curiosity, there is an urgent need: How to prove the usefulness of Blockchain technology with the whole world.

There are many opinions that, besides Bitcoin, Blockchain has no value at all. Even Bitcoin, its applications are still very limited right now, the most prominent application of Crypto is Smart Contract. Smart Contract itself will make it easier for the automation and decentralization of industries.

But Smart Contract also has a huge problem: it needs data to function. And not just the data, the data that Smart Contracts need a lot comes from outside the Blockchain in which it operates. And to do that, Smart Contract requires Oracles.

Here’s a study of some coins on the right track on the Oracles path. To know about BMV’s Oracles portfolio, read this article.

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