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New Token Listing: Utopia Open Platform (UOP)

New Token Listing: Utopia Open Platform (UOP)

We’re adding Utopia Open Platform (UOP) token on POKKET, in partnership with the Utopia Genesis Foundation.

Customers of POKKET will be able to earn interest on their UOP tokens starting 24 December, 07:00 UTC. The UOP tokens are currently earning 2.06% weekly interest, or 189.57% APY with the Token Structured Saving, and 10% APY with 30-day Lending product on POKKET.

The UOP token is trading on Bitfinex, after a successful IEO on the platform on 18 December.

Stay tuned for more updates on POKKET official Twitter account, as we’re planning a UOP token sweepstakes and airdrops.

About UOP token:

The Utopia Genesis Foundation was founded with a mission to establish an open and standardized process for the music industry to track, process and tokenize rights. By introducing a universal blockchain protocol for anyone who wants to run commercial projects in the modern music industry, the Foundation aims to provide the infrastructure and tools needed for the development, maintenance and growth of the ecosystem. To add transparency to all these processes, the Foundation is launching its own cryptocurrency, the Utopia Open Platform (UOP) Token. The Token seeks to improve the profitability of the global music industry by eliminating conversion costs and middlemen by unifying the industry onto one common platform.


Built by finance professionals, POKKET offers interest earning savings account service for crypto holders. Select from the list of over 65+ cryptos and grow your wealth with our Structured Saving products, or simply earn passive income with our new Lending product.

About POKKET’s Structured Saving products:

With the Structured Saving products, we pay you interest on the digital assets you save with us at a fixed period of one-week. When you create a new saving, your token is locked for a period of one week until maturity. The interest rate is set and fixed on the day the new saving is created. At maturity of the saving, we pay back the original tokens saved plus the interest, or convert them to stablecoins depending on market price of the tokens. The Structured Saving products are able to earn such high interest due to this price-linked maturity feature.

About POKKET’s Lending products:

We pay you interest on the digital assets you save with us at a fixed period of 14, 30 or 90 days. The interest is paid in the original token you’ve saved with us, regardless of the market price of the token. When you create a new saving, your token is locked for the duration, and the interest is fixed during the saving period.

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