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Officially Announced International IC Defi Technologies Company Ltd – Prestigious Trading Platform of All Time

In the current technological boom, exchanges are constantly changing and developing according to new trends. Typical…
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IC Trade Overview – The World’s Leading Professional Development Roadmap and Ecosystem

The industrialization and popularity of blockchain platforms have spawned decentralized exchanges across the financial markets. In…

Learn About Yield Farming and Its Role in DeFi

What is Yield Farming? Recently, Bitcointech has received many questions from investors about this term. As…

In CoinList Token Sale, DeFi Derivatives Protocol Vega Raises $43M

Decentralized derivatives trading protocol Vega raised $43 million in a community token sale on CoinList. Some 21,000 unique participants…
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Robinhood Aims for $35 Billion Market Valuation in Upcoming IPO

An amended prospectus filed yesterday by Robinhood indicates the company is aiming to get a valuation…

Mastercard Enhancing Program for Cryptocurrency Wallets and Exchanges

Mastercard Making It Simpler to Convert Cryptocurrency to Traditional Fiat Currency. Mastercard announced Tuesday that “it…