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Everlasting and the Ambition to be a Unicorn in the Healthca...

Everlasting and the Ambition to be a Unicorn in the Healthcare Industry in 2026

A NEW global health care scheme named Everlasting has been launched to match comprehensive healthcare demands for people around the world in the AI technology era.

With the GLOBAL HEALTH CARE economy currently riding a wave of bullish sentiment with an average growth rate of 6.4% per year, as demonstrated by the data of branches of the same field such as preventive medicine, private and public healthcare reach at $575b, healthcare tourism was $639b while personal care, beauty, and anti-aging stood at $1083b. The figure for bodybuilding and mind wasn’t much less, at nearly $595b.  As well as institutional investors all over the world are now becoming more interested in this growing sector. 

Everlasting, the pioneer of the health care tokenomy offers EVERLASTING – SUPER SOCIAL NETWORK APPLICATION announcing the launch.

John W Fanning – CEO of Everlasting born December 21st, 1963 was the Chairman and CEO of Napster. John W Fanning has earned a reputation in the space for the first Internet chess server in the late 1980s and early 1990s. That project led to the development of, an internet chess service rebuilt from scratch, launched in 1993. Currently, owned by NetGames is part of Valuesetters Inc. a publicly traded operating company. OTC: VSTR. John Fanning has introduced such net-related innovations as client-server gameplay, audio chat, and auto-upgrading/authentication. He has patents for Real-Time Search Engine, and Use Sensitive Distribution of Data Files Between Users.

Everlasting builds the ecosystem with a range of services such as purchase holiday packages, booking testing consulting, optimizing, and advising health suggestions for users, training plan program. Everlasting makes an attempt to bring a comprehensive healthcare solution and technology to people around the world.

Everlasting join hands with AladiEx Exchange to apply the fundraising through the ATO model – The new fundraising platform invented by AladiEx, the ATO model also dwarfs its opponents by outstanding features such as releasing tokens in multiple phases following the company’s development. In each development stage, the company must meet the KPIs from the previous round in order to be qualified to raise funds in the next round. Freezing and Releasing token mechanism prevent pricing manipulation and ensure token liquidity. With this innovative approach, Everlasting is well-positioned to redefine the process investment standard including BUY-BONUS-LIQUIDITY with a strictly released mechanism, Everlasting token holders will receive up to 70% monthly profit and enjoy healthcare services with the ideal discount rate.

Everlasting targets to help 5 million people be in a great health condition by 2026 and go-ahead to launch IPO in 2026. To this end, Everlasting leaders focus on optimizing the AI technology foundations, operating key results, and increase transparency. The rest of the purpose is to seek resources from venture capitalists and accelerate speed from the initial stage. The approach to some of these issues provides a useful and potential model.

In short, Everlasting was designed to give the ideal opportunity to enjoy the best healthcare services from a super social network platform and open a new investment experience for everybody with amazing profit but no risk. It’s not surprising to see Everlasting becoming a unicorn in the healthcare industry in 2026.

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