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Bitcoin is More Popular than “Sex”

Bitcoin is More Popular than “Sex”

What better way to watch Bitcoin (BTC) soar thanks to mass publish the news? For the holders, there aren’t too many events in life that are more satisfying than a trip to the moon – and now the rest of the world seems to be catching up.

It looks like Bitcoin is going beyond “Sex,” at least when it comes to Reddit users – which may be a bit surprising for some of us who spend a lot of time on this popular social network.

Reddit has a huge audience of 440 million users and has been a popular destination for Bitcoin enthusiasts since its earliest days. But while users at the “Bitcoin” subreddit have grown significantly since 2017, “Sex” has been somewhat bleak for years.

Since Reddit / farming On Yield App users posted the above post last night, the number of Bitcoin followers has risen to 1,707,689, presumably driven by Pay Pal’s announcement, while the number of Redditors Talking about sex has not changed much and just stopped at over 1.69 million. The world is really changing attitudes. 

The World is Changing. With 1,707,705 subscribers, the Bitcoin subreddit just took over, deep into Youtube with 1.7014M and 1.697M subscribers.

Bitcoin is also more popular than The Beatles, the famous rock band in the 1960s when they released the songs “Come Together and” I Want You “. Sadly, The Beatles’ subreddit only has 118,258 followers.

The “Jesus” subreddit is pretty quiet, too, but if we extrapolate from the Christianity subreddit (which has 258,121 active members), Bitcoin could be even more popular than Jesus (Lord Jesus) as measured by Redditors.

Despite growing in popularity, Bitcoin still has a long way to go before “Mildly Interesting” – this subreddit has 18.2 million subscribers, among the largest subreddit of the social network. Gaming and Sports also make Bitcoin look small and insignificant.

Meanwhile, there is a happy ending for those unable to decide between Bitcoin and Sex, which is Pornhub acceptance of Bitcoin for its premium services.

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