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Ankr To Support Seamless Stacking on Stacks 2.0

Ankr To Support Seamless Stacking on Stacks 2.0

Whether you’re a developer, trader, or holder looking to earn rewards, Ankr will make it easy to run a node.

That’s the promise you can find on the home page of Today, we’re excited to call them partners on our mission to building a user-owned internet on Bitcoin. In the very near future, it will be as easy to earn Bitcoin rewards on the Stacks 2.0 network as it is to download a new app for your phone.

Both communities believe the next internet will be built upon distributed networks and Ankr makes it easy for anyone to support this evolution. This partnership means whether you’re a trader or holder looking to earn rewards, or a developer looking to engage more deeply with the upcoming Stacks 2.0 network, you’ll have an easy path to running a node through Ankr, minimizing your security risk as well as your time to manage it.

Stacks 2.0 will bring apps and smart contracts to Bitcoin, opening up new possibilities for developers and enabling new functionality on the network. The Stacks 2.0 network is currently in the Krypton phase of testnet, with only one phase remaining between now and launch. All key functionality, such as Stacking, Mining, and Proof of Transfer available to test and interact with as it will appear on mainnet.

The Ankr integration will also provide a streamlined solution for smaller regional exchanges to support staking with world-class user experience and security – empowering holders worldwide to ultimately work with their exchange of choice without sacrificing the benefits of being a Stacks 2.0 holder.

Both teams are committed to providing a simple, seamless way for you to engage with and support the network. Please share any feedback or ideas you have with [email protected] or by dropping a note in the help widget anywhere on

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