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AMPL Geyser -3 New Geysers Announced

AMPL Geyser -3 New Geysers Announced

The newest round of AMPL Geysers will be launched next week! AMPL Geysers are important components of the liquidity pillar for the elastic finance long term roadmap, and fulfill the ten year vision to provide widespread liquidity mining rewards to the active community.

To date, thousands of community members have participated in the Geyser programs which have taken place on Uniswap and Mooniswap. In this next phase of AMPL Geysers, there will be three new Geyser allocations totalling 3.9 million AMPLs.

The three Geysers will be launched over the coming week and will be named Pescadero, Old Faithful and Beehive. These Geysers will cover three different platforms: Sushiswap, Balancer and Uniswap. As each of these launch, a fresh pool of rewards and increased optionality will be available to the AMPL community.

Also, an update has been made to the reward multiplier, which will take 30 days (instead of the original 60 days) to achieve the maximum 3x reward multiplier.

AMPL Sushiswap Geyser: Introducing Pescadero V1

There has been a great level of community support for the AMPL pool on the Sushiswap platform. As such, this cycle includes the first ever AMPL Geyser deployed to Sushiswap. This will be called the Pescadero V1 Geyser and will add support to the ETH/AMPL pair. In addition to typical Geyser rewards, the Sushiswap platform will also be attributing Sushi rewards to pool participants. This means the Sushiswap AMPL/ETH pool will be an opportunity for AMPL liquidity providers to help the AMPL network grow while simultaneously receiving SUSHI and AMPL rewards.

AMPL Balancer Geyser: Introducing Old Faithful V1

The AMPL/USDC Smart Pool on Balancer will receive support from an AMPL Geyser. This marks the first Geyser for both an AMPL/Stablecoin and the Balancer platform. The AMPL Smart Pool was a joint effort between the Balancer and AMPL teams to create a truly innovative and DeFi leading liquidity pool. The smart pool is able to mitigate impermanent loss through the implementation of shifting pool weights, and is unique only to the AMPL smart pool on Balancer, read more about this exciting development here. With the Old Faithful Geyser will launch on Balancer, LPs will be able to earn fees, BAL and AMPL simultaneously.

AMPL Uniswap Geyser: Introducing Beehive V3

Beginning in June 2020, AMPL launched the initial Geysers on Uniswap. The Beehive V3 Geyser will go live to continue the strong history of AMPL as a top Uniswap liquidity pool and as a leader in the AMM space. Liquidity providers for the ETH/AMPL pair on the Uniswap platform will have access to a new Beehive V3 Geyser, and be eligible to earn AMPL rewards for participating in that pool.

Please join us in welcoming the Uniswap Beehive V3 Geyser, the brand new Sushiswap V1 Pescadero Geyser and the first ever AMPL / Stablecoin Geyser, the Balancer Old Faithful V1 Geyser!

AMPL is the world’s first elastic asset and introduced the rebase, which it created in order to become the first crypto native base money with a simultaneously non-dilutive and perfectly elastic supply.

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